Shorten links with interstitial advertising or banner in AdFly?

One of the most frequent questions of those who use AdFly to make money by shortening links is when choosing which advertising to use.

Shorten links with interstitial advertising or banner in AdFly?

Is it better to opt for the interstitial that yields more or for the banner that is less intrusive?

The right answer is: DEPEND. This is because there is no right or wrong option here, so much so that AdFly gives you the power to choose what you will use.

Both ads have their characteristics and give different results, so we prepared this article to help you choose the best model to use in each case. Check it:

Short links with AdFly interstitial

For those who do not yet know what an interstitial advertising is, it is when the whole page is an advertisement, and it is necessary to do a manual action to go to the original link, such as pushing a button, for example.

In the case of AdFly, a shortened link with the interstitial enabled forces the user to see an ad for at least 5 seconds before being able to click on a “Skip Advertisement” button, as in YouTube videos, for example.

This is the most traditional model of the paid link finder, much less aggressive than that of the, which requires capturing to be directed to the original link.


Higher financial income

Negative points

More aggressive (annoying to user)

Do not access the original link immediately


Prioritize use on external links (for website / blog owners)

Prioritize use on links that will receive high traffic (good for site / blog owners)

Avoid using links that have an action to be done (Ex: make a registration)

Shorten AdFly banner links

Already the shortening of AdFly banner links yields less, as nothing more than a banner added at the top of the original link.

In this case the user already has access to the content he wants, without taking any action, including, he can close the AdFly banner and eliminate the advertisement from his screen.

That way we have a much less intrusive advertising, but that yields little to the affiliate.


Less intrusive to the user

Negative points

Lowest billing per link


Ideal for links that will receive little traffic

Ideal for links that have an action to be done (Ex: make a registration)


For each situation it is recommended to evaluate and see which of the advertising formats best fits, to avoid losing visits or having a lower monetization.

Take the test, see what the reaction is, and implement what works best. After all, in AdFly, all links can be edited after they have been created, allowing you to change the ads at any time.