Questions about AdFly answered [FAQ]

If you use AdFly as an affiliate to monetize your links on social networks, emails, or website/blog, you may have come across some questions.

Questions about AdFly answered [FAQ]

So to heal them all, we’ve created this complete article, an FAQ, that will answer the top questions that many have about it. Check it:

1) Do I have to pay to use it?

Only if you advertise on the platform. If you are an affiliate, meaning you want to make money by shortening links, you do not have to pay ANYTHING.

The registration and all services and tools offered are free!

2) Can I post links on social networks?

You can! BUT, some social networks consider AdFly links and the like to be inappropriate as they display advertising.

Therefore, in certain cases, by posting the link directly there may be a message that the “link/URL is blocked”, preventing sharing.

3) Can I send the links by email?

Yes. BUT, some email providers or email marketing services may consider AdFly links to be suspicious, being considered advertising, and thus falling more easily into the trash or SPAM.

4) Does AdFly links hurt the SEO of my site/blog?

DO NOT. But it is recommended to assign the rel=”NOFOLLOW” tag to ensure that Google does not consider that relevant link.

5) Can I use AdFly links and pop ads on my site/blog along with Google Adsense?

YES. Google has no restriction against pop unders so far, so if you use Adsense or other similar affiliate programs, you will have no problems.

Learn how to put AdFly Pop Ads on your site/blog HERE.

6) Can I shorten a shortened link?

DO NOT. To ensure that your account is not blocked, do not try to circumvent AdFly by shortening links and putting them back to be shortened with the intention of making more money.

In addition to being ethically wrong, to the user the damage will be greater, and probably your visits and profit will fall.

7) Can I advertise on AdFly with my affiliate account?

YES. But your profits do not come as credit for making the ads. Only systems are integrated, payments must be done separately.

8) Does AdFly have the best remunerations in the market?

DO NOT. Other link shorteners already offer higher remunerations here for Brazil, but they have fewer resources.

However, if you want to test, here are our recommendations:

9) How do I get my earnings from AdFly?

All the profits that you have come from AdFly are paid through digital payments means. For this your account must have at least $ 5 accumulated.

With the minimum amount reaching, payment is automatically made on the first business day of the month. You must have an account enabled on at least one of these payment methods to receive the money:

10) In addition to shortened links, does AdFly work with other formats?

Yes, they also work with the advertising pop ads model, which is pop-unders. Basically when installed on your site/blog, when having an access a new browser window opens and displays an advertisement.

You make money every time this window opens, without necessarily having the user access it, click here.

11) Can I shorten any type of link?

YES. For AdFly it does not matter what content is being shortened, as it is not responsible for it. That is, news, downloads and even pornography are released. However, they have the right to remove any link they do not think is appropriate.

12) Can I use robots to make more money?

DO NOT. This goes against the rules and will get your account blocked. Besides that is not the right way to earn more with the platform. Read about this in this article.

13) VPN and proxies are released?

YES. AdFly does not block VPNs or proxies, as they are often used in countries in the Middle East and Asia to circumvent government controls over the internet.

14) Can I nominate new users in AdFly and make money?

YES. By creating your account you earn a unique referral link that you use to profit on your nominee’s earnings.