AdFly: The best shortener to monetize links on the internet [REVIEW]

If you are looking for a link shortener or link protector for your website or blog, know that there are several options on the internet, each with its strengths and weaknesses, but none that hits AdFly.

AdFly: Shortener to monetize links on the internet

This is considered by many (including us) the best shortcuts to monetize internet links. But is he all that? Or is there better? Learn the answer here below in this article that we have prepared.

The history of AdFly

Acting in this same industry of online advertising and affiliate programs since 2009, AdFly is one of the oldest companies on the internet for those looking for a way to monetize their links.

In those years everyone has always remained active without major problems, kept growing, continued to pay affiliates regularly, and even brought more features and tools.

Although it has not changed much or diversified its business, the focus of the company has given it a solid position in the field of shortened monetized links and pop ads.

What is AdFly’s target audience?

Obviously the function of just reducing links to make them smaller is not the focus of this linker, and this audience in question is not the target of the company.

Those who will use AdFly are Internet users, going from the common to the most advanced, such as:

  • Social networking users (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter)
  • Digital Influencers (Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Streamers)

If you fit into any of these options above, and are looking to make money shortening links, then here is a great option for you.

Where can I use AdFly?

Links are something very versatile, and can be found anywhere, even in the offline world. That is, the use of AdFly can be well diversified.

You can directly share the monetized link on some social networks, such as Twitter; Instagram; WhatsApp, allowing you to send this link to friends and the entire world that is connected.

Another way of profiting from this URL shorter is for anyone who has a website or blog on the internet, it is possible to shorten links within pages, and also break down can use the pop ads to earn even more money.

Finally, you can send these URLs by email; SMS; Push notifications, among other digital and physical media. It’s up to you to use creativity and a strategy.

How much do I earn with AdFly?

For those who will only use the shortened links to make money with AdFly, these are the average amounts paid to affiliates:

Interstitial (USA)

  • Desktop: $ 16.60 per 1000 views
  • Mobile: $ 6.00 per 1000 views

Banner (USA)

  • Desktop: $ 2.30 per 1000 views
  • Mobile: $ 1.60 per 1000 views

If you own a website or blog and also want to take an extra profit by adopting the pop ads (USA) format, you earn on average:

  • Desktop: $ 6.70 per 1000 views
  • Mobile: $ 3.40 per 1000 views

BONUS: History and proof of payments received

If you still think that AdFly pays little or does not pay anything, which is scam or something, I leave here my payment history and my proofs of payments received in my PayPal account. Check it out:

AdFly Payment Proofs - 1

AdFly Payment Proofs - 2

AdFly Payment Proofs - 3

AdFly Differentials

Already with many years of strong and strong performance, this URL shortener stands out from the competitors in some very interesting points, check out:

  • Platform is translated into Portuguese
  • Android app and iOS account overview
  • Allows you to customize the link
  • Has dynamic domains or allows you to use your own custom domain
  • It has a very efficient URL management with folders
  • It has a detailed statistics system on each link
  • It has advanced tools and features to streamline tasks and improve monetization.
  • Works with the Pop Ads format that increases the profits of website / blog owners

Sign up for AdFly and earn money by shortening links!

Check out this video below how to sign up for AdFly and have your own account: