AdFly Bots – Make a lot more money! But it’s worth?

Do you want to make a lot more money through AdFly Bots? These digital “robots” allow you to increase your profits without having to divulge to someone your shortened links.

AdFly Bots - Make a lot more money! But it's worth?

Basically, their function is to click and access the links, thus viewing the ads and generating passive income for you. A simple and easy scheme to receive much more without any effort of publicity or strategy.

But the big question is: Is it worth using AdFly Bots? Check out our answer below:

What are AdFly Bots?

What are AdFly Bots?

Bots or robots are digital programs that serve to perform predetermined tasks, such as indexing results on Google pages or talking to you via Facebook Messenger giving you automatic responses.

In general, they do not do anything very sophisticated, but rather repetitive and routine tasks, with the purpose of saving time and work of users and companies.

The popularization of these programs is growing with the new times of the internet, and today it is not difficult to bump into one, especially when you think you are talking to someone over the phone or chat.

In the case of AdFly Bot the goal is simple, to click and access your monetized shortened links to generate income within the platform of the best web monetized link shortener.

So you do not have to have your link posted anywhere, since it’s the AdFly robot you’re going to access, passing a user who loves to see and click on web ads.

5 reasons not to use AdFly Bot

5 reasons not to use AdFly Bot

If you have come to this article and you have not yet realized that this scheme may not be a good option, then check out 5 reasons why not use the AdFly Bots below in your account:

1) It’s not allowed: It seems kind of obvious, but it’s worth pointing out. For if it could, it would be the simplest and fastest way to make money from the internet without having to do practically nothing.

2) Your account will be banned: Again, if it is not allowed, it is clear that if you use your account will be banned, and everything you shortened and won money will be lost.

3) You are breaking the system: AdFly only pays you because it also wins with the advertisers. If the advertisers do not get results, since the bots are not real people, they will stop investing in the platform. In summary, the company breaks down and you go along.

4) Total risk of losing everything: Okay, you still want to use the robots. Then know that from day to night all your income may end, since AdFly can block the scheme; banish you; or close the doors due to this incorrect use of the platform.

5) It’s scathing and anti-ethical: Not everyone cares to be a bit unethical, but know that by using the AdFly Bots you are giving a blow to the company, which legally speaking, is CRIME.

So how do I increase my earnings correctly?

So how do I increase my earnings correctly?

If you have seen that AdFly Bots are not worth using to make more money then we will give you 4 TOP tips for you to profit more from this linker in the right way.

1) Shorten the right links: If you want to earn money with links through AdFly you need to draw a strategy, and that includes not shortening any links. Shorten links that will naturally receive great traffic, such as news; promotion; download; porn; etc.

2) Enjoy social and digital media: In the age of YouTube and WhatsApp why do not you send the link shortened by AdFly? Each place that has how to send the link is a valid opportunity to post and take advantage.

3) Also use your website/blog: In addition to increasing your earnings with shortened links, you can work with the pop-ads model. And rest assured, both formats do not harm your SEO or violate Google’s policies.

4) Count on partners: Spraying your links around the corners of the web is an efficient strategy for earning more, after all, you alone make everything harder. So the tip here is to have partners who advertise your links, thereby increasing your reach; visits; and monetization.

Conclusion: The right always yields more!

There is nothing in life that done the wrong way can give you some positive result. So do not try to cheat or circumvent the system, this only tends to harm you, either now or in the future.

The best thing to do is always work the right way and honestly, and with AdFly this is possible. The same already allows you to earn money in a simple way, only depends on you increase your profits with an efficient strategy.

Then create a plan, test and check the results, and thus reach your income goal. Only then will success come!